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We love these! Made from 100% Pure Fish, Turkey or Lamb and small enough so they can be consumed quickly and smell super strong to motivate your dog. They are air dried and the fish flavour is low in fat.

What do we love about this item?

  • They are 100% single protein - no added nasties!
  • They are a good size for training treats but can also be broken down into smaller pieces if needed
  • They can be used with puppies and adult dogs
  • They are not greasy to handle 
  • The fish is low in fat so good for those watching their waistlines or who may have conditions such as pancreatitis 

Nutritional Analysis:

Fish: Protein 66%, Fat 1.4%, Ash 4.4%

Turkey: Protein 53%, Fat 29%, Ash 8%

Lamb: Protein 73%, Fat 16%, Ash 10%

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Good smell!

Millie sniffed these out quickly when hidden in an array of objects. They are akso small and crunchy which made them good for training sessions.


They are the perfect size for small dogs or those doing long training sessions as they are small pieces which is actually hard to find in treats. This bag lasted a couple of training sessions with a very greedy and demanding dog!

Lynn May
Not quite as good as I hoped

I bought these to give the pup a change from the pate. He likes them and they worked well to get and maintain his attention but for a large breed pup the chunks are a bit small and quite a few of them have broken down into teeny bits. Also, you don't get many training sessions from one bag, maybe I'm just too generous (or desperate!).