Rabbit Ears

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Rabbit ears are a long lasting chewy treat. They are suitable for all dogs, including puppies.

They are made from 100% free range rabbit.

Nutritional Analysis

Protein 81%, Fat 6.8%, Moisture 7%, Ash 5.3%, Fibre 3.5%

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Leah Morris
Great Chews

Was first introduced to these in our puppy class to help aid decompression and now I use these to calm my pup when she’s becoming overstimulated and as a great distraction for when I’m leaving to go out - they don’t last as long as the Yak/antler chews but last long enough to keep her calm and focused and help us to slip out unnoticed. Slightly smelly and have a slightly oily texture but of course that’s what my dog seems to love. Is also a great chew if you want one that’s mess free!

Love these

Millie looks forward to these - they don't last long but seem to satisfy her all the same!

Peter Oldfield
Rabbit Ears

My 16 month old pointer is ok with these but definately prefers treats with more calories (more fat!) but he will eat them, last about 5mins

Celia Gunn
rabbit ears

our 2 saluki pups love the rabbit ears; at 4 months old, they chew on them in between tossing them up in the air and otherwise playing with them, so each one lasts about fifteen absorbed minutes! will be getting them again